Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Post In Which I Start Out Aimlessly Babbling And End In A Rant

I bore easily. Not to say I don't have enough to do, its more like I don't have enough that I want to do. I have even fewer things that I want to finish once I've started them. I. Just. Get. Bored. With. It.  I like to think its because I'm super smart or something, like my brain is moving so fast that my body just can't keep up.  Nope. But I do get distracted a lot.

What was I saying?

Anyway, crap, I forgot about what I was going to blog about today. Seriously. I actually distracted myself.  I considered rambling on about the Craft Ninjas of Collin County thingy that a few of my friends and I are getting started, but since there are going to be no fewer than 24 people in my home, and I'm going to have to actually clean said home before they get here, I'd really rather not talk about it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm completely and totally excited, and I know it will be amazing, especially in the long run.  But at the moment I'm more in a place of terror than peace about it.  I'll get over it.

Hmm, ok, I got it. I'm going to spill my beans about the Gay Marriage Civil Rights Jazz that is going on in the Supreme Court right now. That'll stir the pot, cuz I know for a fact my opinion is more liberal than my family for one.

Here's the thing. well, there are a long of things, but first off, the issues going before the court at the moment are not about wether or not gay couples should be allowed to get married.  Right now that's a state by state thing.  What we're talking about it wether or not gay couples who have been married in a state that has previously legalized gay marriage, are entitled to insurance, health and other benefits that a straight couple is entitled to.  I don't understand why this is not ok. I know some would argue that they don't want their tax money going toward the social institutions that end up paying out to these families in addition to the straight ones, but wow, that is a hell of a dangerous path to go down. Are they less deserving, less human, less valuable simply because they live a different lifestyle? Hello slippery slope! Regardless of sexual orientation, all people should be entitled to the security that insurance and other benefits provide to families.

Next, here's where I'm probably going to offend the other side.  While my views continue to morph, I still believe that homosexual relationships are not in God's plan.  However, I know and have known lots of gay people and some that I care about deeply.  And I don't feel like they have to change to be a part of my life. Their sexuality is part of their life, but its not what defines them. Just a piece of the puzzle, a piece that really doesn't affect me at all.  I don't necesarily want to throw the "sin" word out there, but even if I did, don't I sin?  Haven't I walked down a million paths that were clearly not the ones God had paved for me?  Hasn't he met me where I'm at every single time and offered me grace and love? Right there. Not on condition of change, but right where I'm at. Forgiven. And yes, I do believe that true repentance for outrights sins requires a desire to change, but I don't think we always know or feel, big picture the things that need to change all at one time. We take baby steps. I believe God walks us one step at a time, and can and does do the same thing for lesbians and gays who love Him. Its not our business where in our walk they are. If or when God is going to ask them to "change."  There is a big IF in there.

Which leads me to another point. Good grief I'm rambling on!  Since when did God or Jesus reach out to anyone by shunning them. Shutting them out and belittling them. NEVER.  He sat down with the prostitute and chatted with her. He invited himself over to dinner with Zaccheus. He sent away the people who wanted to stone the adulteress.  PEOPLE YOU ARE THROWING STONES HERE!  STOP IT!  For real!  Wether you believe homosexuality is wrong or not, I think of anything in scripture that makes it any worse than what you and I do on a daily basis. And thank God for grace. Literally.  Isn't that what we want? To share and spread God's grace? His love and forgiveness? That was what and how he preached.  The Ten Commandments are real and true and should be followed. But Jesus made it clear that more important than any of those things is LOVE. LOVE.  And that if you do anything, do it with love or don't do it at all. Seriously people, look into your heart and see that you are not treating gays and lesbians with love. You aren't treating them as your brother, sister, neighbor.  You are treating them as sub-human and dispicable, and Jesus NEVER treated anyone that way. Never.  Because, for one thing, it does not work toward His ultimate purpose of drawing His people to Him.  And by HIS PEOPLE I mean all who love him.  Gays, straights, baptists, adulterers, porn addicts, alcoholics, gossips, tax collectors, etc. We are all His children, and he wants ALL of us to learn and know of his love and grace.  But anger, resentment, discrimination, those things don't show God's love. In fact, they are no part of who God is.

Look around for someone in your life that is gay, and see the world through their eyes. See the hardship they have faced, regardless of wether it is a choice or not. If it is a choice they have made, it sure hasn't been an easy one, and I can guarantee they have payed a heavy price for their choice. Its not our job to dole out that heaviness.  We are to be God's arms and legs of love and service.  Be an ally, not a heavy chain pulling them away from the light of God's love. And don't ask them to change. I'm sorry, but that is between them and God.

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