Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Upheaval

Our lives these days have been anything but settled! With 2 little ones, a third on the way, our first home purchase in the works, and trying to potty train, we have our hands full!

Since this pregnancy is so close to the last, I am showing very very early. I mean, like really showing. This creates for some interesting conversations and a lot of funny looks. I just love watching people (over and over and over!) look from Gabriel to Maddox, to my belly two or three times, and then looking me straight in the eye like they are completely perplexed. Usually I try to pin down what they are thinking based on their expression: "Surely not...", "Are you kidding me?", "Are you mormon?", "Are you CRAZY?!?", "Didn't anyone teach you about birth control!", and "Oh you poor thing!" are the most common things people seem to say. Its pretty entertaining!

I have finished one more purse:


Now I'm on to a birthday project for my nephew, a snuggy blanket for Dan's coworker's baby, and one for ours! We think its a girl by the way! Next I want to make a very basic quilt, mostly to put on the ground at parks etc for the babies to sit on.

As far as I know, our home purchase is moving forward, although my lender is playing hard to reach, so who knows what that is about. As long as that's all good we are set to close on the 24th!

Also, last weekend we visited friends in San Antonio and went to Seaworld which was lots and lots of fun! That's pretty much all I have time for!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Always Changing

I am SO not doing well at this whole blogging thing, but I am NOT giving up! Life has been hectic and sometimes slow...very slow...lately. About a month and a half ago we found out we were pregnant with baby #3! We are very excited (and the teeniest bit terrified) for what is to come. We aren't really sure how we're going to manage, but we'll figure it out when we get there, and we know God wouldn't give us more than we can handle... which is reassuring when we consider what it will be like to have (possibly) 3 boys under 3 1/2 years old! Yikes!! We are thinking pink, but boy or girl will be a blessing.

Shortly after finding out about the little bean I was hit with some super miserable morning sickness unlike anything I had experienced with either of our boys... I was literally parenting my children from the floor for about 3 weeks, and would bury my head in shame if anyone calculated the actual amount of TV we watched in that time. But! We are at week 10 and I am feeling MUCH better! Thank goodness, life can resume!

Also, we have stepped up our potty training efforts for Gabriel, our search for a house, put Gabriel in (and then took him out of) preschool (I'll wait for a cheaper spot to open up thank you very much), and watched Maddox start to army crawl! It has been an exciting time for sure!

Gabriel is doing pretty well with potty training. He loves going #1 on the potty (like Daddy, lol) but is not so keen about #2. Oh time I guess! For now he pretty much prefers to run around with only a Tshirt on, and announce with glee each time he successfully goes. "I Pee!" is the newest and most popular household phrase these days.

We put an offer in on our dream house and backed out at the last minute for a variety of reasons, and then made an offer on a house that would be much more suited to a family with small children. They accepted, and barring any unexpected inspection items, etc, we will be homeowners for the first time on July 17!!! We are so excited! We have been glued to HGTV, and spent tonight at Home Depot picking out paint colors, imagining the fun things we can do with the house, etc.

I've been busy on the sewing front too -although I'm too lazy to post pictures right now. I have made 2 out of 3 bags that my cousins wife's mother requsted, and have been working on making some 4th of July shorts/pants for the boys out of bandanas! The first one I tried to eyeball for size for Gabriel and they ended up too small for Maddox! Oh well, at least bandanas are cheap! I wish I could say I learned my lesson and won't do that again...but we all know I will.

That's about it for now! Hopefully I'll get back on before as much time goes by, but if not, keep in mind that we'll be in the middle of moving and spending a week in Colorado over the next month, so we'll probably be a little busy!