Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bringing Christmas Songs To Life

This has been one extra special holiday season already - and its only Christmas Eve!  For those who are interested I have baby Sara's "birth story" to share!  But first, this year brings new meaning to some of my old favorite Christmas songs:

I'll Be Home For Christmas - while I usually shed a tear (or a few) over this song, longing to be in Colorado to share Christmas with my parents and brothers and their families, this year I am celebrating getting out of the hospital with my favorite Christmas present yet, baby Sara, and in time to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my family.  The picture would be even more perfect if my brothers and their families could be here with us, but they are here in spirit if nothing else!

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas - Oh how I have been dreaming of a white Christmas!  After 5 years in California I practically begged God for a White Christmas.  Most people here laughed at me and said it would happen maybe once in a lifetime, and you know what?  Maybe they are right, but that once in a lifetime is happening this very minute! It is snowing great big white flakes outside, and even beginning to cover the ground a bit!  Its wonderful!

For those who were surprised to hear that baby Sara made her grand entrance prior to Christmas, here's the story - its nothing too dramatic, well, it was for us, of course.  Sara was scheduled to be born on 12/28 by Csection, but after a month of increasing contractions and signs of labor, my wonderful Dr. decided that, as I had suspected, the chances of my spending Christmas in the hospital in an emergency C were growing fairly strong. So to avoid any complications and/or interrupted Christmas dinners, she gave me a call Monday the 21st asking if I could be at the hospital at 5:30am on Tuesday to have little Sara!  We all decided it was the best thing, and guessed that she'd already be (ahem) 7 1/2 lbs at least (giggle giggle).  So after a little bit of a long surgery due to scar tissue, Sara made her entrance at 7:52am on 12/22 (15 months to the day after Maddox's birth) at a whopping 8 lbs 13 oz!!  She is a big, beautiful girl with a head FULL of the most beautiful dark hair I have ever seen.  Her cheeks are big and round and precious.  I couldn't be happier, neither could her father!  Gabriel is completely smitten as well, although Maddox is still deciding what he things of her.

I have been utterly blessed with the help of my parents, my amazing husband, my sister in law, and my friends here, who have corralled to take care of the boys, bring loads of clothes for our little bundle to make sure she is warm in this cold weather, and keeping me company in the hospital.  I also have an amazing Dr and had amazing nurses who did everything they could to get me home as early on Christmas Eve as possible while making sure I am as comfortable as possible.  We may be opening Christmas presents in our bedroom, but hey, we'll do what we have to! We are just happy to all get to be together!