Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not Really On The Edge of My Thirties Anymore...

I totally rock at denial in all forms. This last year I have been 30. Something I rarely even allowed myself to utter. In my mind though, I made myself feel better (I know, I know, its not that bad) by thinking that, at least I am just barely in my 30s. I could almost go either way, really, right? Like if I just grow younger this year I'll be back to my 20s in no time. Like, I'm only 30 because I just whipped out 3 kids and had three major surgeries, but as soon as I remove the physical evidence of said adventures I'll be right back to that twenty-something "girl". Haha! Well, it was fun while it lasted! Now I am officially 31. Well, in an hour anyway. It will be interesting to see what new form my denial takes on now!

Life is good. I am in for a good birthday. Its not even my birthday yet, and its already a good birthday. First off, I have known all week that the day of my birthday is going to be fantabulous. 2 hours at the gym, one of which will be spent doing yoga... the other will probably be spent feeding Sara and chit-chatting with my yoga/mommy/gym/wine-drinking buddy. Sans kids. Which means conversations will actually get completed. Sentences will be uninterrupted. It will be GREAT! Then I'll take the kids home in time for nap... I hope to take a little snooze myself. And then, no sooner than they wake up, I'll be dropping them off at the previously mentioned friend's house so that I can go get an aromatherapy massage. Then, saving the best for last, two of my friends and I will be doing "Painting with a Twist." Basically you show up with wine and snacks, you talk, you drink wine, and these artists make you think you painted a masterpiece. I am convinced they bank on you drinking enough wine that you won't notice when they sneak in behind you and correct all your painting mistakes, and at some point, pretty much just take over. But all accounts so far report that you do indeed come home with a wall-worthy painting!

Then, Saturday night hubby and I will have a date night! I have such wonderful friends who are not only watching my gaggle of children for me on two different days, but who also set aside their time specifically to come play with me on my birthday! And a wonderful husband who will let me drag him wherever I decide, and who I know I will have fun with no matter where we end up.

Aaaand, we're not done. There are more reasons still why this birthday is totally rocking. I got some birthday money. And I bought fabric with it. I know that sounds soooo very boring, and so not the twenty-something chick I was hoping to sound like, but this is good fabric. Fantastic fabric actually. Fabric I would have NEVER bought for myself because it is literally $17 a yard! I have no idea how I will ever convince myself to actually cut into this beautiful fabric, but I will! See, here's the fabric:

The designer is Heather Ross, one of the designers whose fabrics I constantly gawk at, fill shopping carts with online, and then sadly delete because it is just too expensive to use "regular money" on... but birthday money is a whole different thing! Here is a few of the other prints in her collection.

In case you were wondering, my other favorite favorite favorite designers are:

Amy Butler

Valori Wells

Jennifer Paganelli

Anna Maria Horner and

Tula Pink

Oh, and I'm trying to design my own fabric to be printed by inspired by a childrens book who's pictures instantly begged me to make them into fabric... we'll see how that goes, my Illustrator skills are a little rusty, but I think I finished the first one already!!

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