Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Ups and Downs

So, apparently the body they gave me is defective. It seems it requires a certain amount of this lame thing called "rest." What is that all about. So I guess the deal is that, A) I'm not eating well enough yet, and B)I'm not giving my body enough time to recover between workouts. Add that to a life in which a full nights sleep is little more than a fairytale, mornings that start at the a$$-crack of dawn early, and rarely a break to slow down, and what you get is me walking out early from a step/strength class exhausted and frustrated. Only to break down in tears in the car. Requiring my three year old and then my mom to console me. Yes, it was that bad.

Last week I weighed myself on my Wii and found that after no results for a month and a half, 10 lbs had suddenly, magically, disappeared. Sound fishy? It was. After glowing and gloating for a day and a half, I weighed myself again to find that all but 2 lbs of that had been a fluke. Yep. I lost 2 lbs. In my tired exhausted state, after getting up about 4 times each night with the kids, I was knocked down about as low as I could go.

I had a little chat with Gabriel. He told me not to cry and that he would make me laugh if I wanted him to. Then I had a chat with my mom and she reminded me that moderation is not my strong suit, and that maybe, just maybe, hitting the gym for the most intense class offered every day without any recovery days in between is not the best way to go. At least until I have kids that sleep. When you put it like that...

So decisions haven't been made, but tonight, wine was poured, a good dinner was had, and I spent $130 buying healthy snacks and meals at Sprouts. (Again with the lack of moderation!). Tonight I plan to sew the two purses I've been working on, maybe take a bath, maybe stay up late. Tomorrow I will not excercise, and I will not consider it a step backwards. I will call it rest. And I will develop a plan that spans M-Sat and involves a day off and only two or three days of cardio. And Sundays I will rest. And I will feel good about it. The rest remains to be seen.

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  1. Please reread your decision again every few days to remind yourself not to kill yourself on the exercise plan. Life is not meant for so much fuss over lbs. You are wonderful and you have a wonderful (if not absolutely caotic at the moment) life. Enjoy some of it! Life is good! Just love....God, yourself, your hubby, kids, and friends (and us....).