Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I wanted to post a big old entry today about all sorts of things, but there just isn't time in the day...so here's a list:

1. 3 lbs and 3 inches down... many to go, but happy to see the progress and really enjoying my gym time - it doesn't feel like work, I am always excited to go!

2. Sewing: Working on a cute new outfit for Sara including an adorable shirt/dress with an open back for the hot summer, bloomers, and a hat - a big first for me. So far very cute. Still need to update Etsy with the new dresses - again, no time. Excited to sew some dresses for a couple of my friend's daughters with some cute fabric we picked out together! Also, I sewed a longish, lightweight summer wrap skirt for me (pics to come) and learned French Seams in the process - very cool. The skirt is a little small, so I might make another one, but I'm looking forward to fitting into the original one soon! I owe an Etsy buyer a purse but I'm having a hard time getting motivated to make it because I'm having so much fun on the dresses!

3. Gabriel - is almost done with Preschool for the year. This summer we are going to work on swimming, writing and recognizing letters, and riding a bike.

4. Maddox is talking like crazy, even stringing sentences together - so cute!!

5. Sara is rolling over with ease from back to tummy, but still working on tummy to back. She is still a sweetie and working on a few teeth! Time is flying!

I think that's it!

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