Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Going Strong...and Being Flexible

Week one of Project Self-Esteem is going great! I'm having to be a little flexible with schedules and expectations, but ultimately that is probably a good thing, as it is keeping me from jumping in too fast and going overboard which will only lead to injury and/or burnout. Friday and Saturday I just did small workouts at home, and Sunday after going to the Farmer's Market I mowed the lawn, sprayed for weeds, and worked in the garden for awhile which felt like a workout in itself - though I'm not counting it. Monday I went to a dance fusion class and had a great time. The kids did pretty well, although they were just about to call me to pick up Sara when I came in because she had gotten fussy.

Yesterday I took the day off and just did some light ab work, and a few excercises on the Wii Fit. These are decent excercizes but I have trouble calling it a workout since there is really no flow to it, and you just do little bits and pieces. I'll keep using it though for when I'm trying to workout during kids naps etc, when I don't know how much time I'll have. We also went for a nice long walk yesterday.

Today after sending Gabriel off to preschool, the little ones and I headed to the gym. This time though, Maddox was not having it. He cried the whole time, and after 20 minutes on the elliptical machine they paged me to come get him. I did work up a good sweat, but didn't really do enough to call it a whole workout. Tonight I'll try to do an EA Active workout on the Wii. Those are a little more challenging and time consuming than the Wii Fit, but also customizeable.

Overall I am feeling great! My body is a little tired because it isn't used to all this, but I don't think I'm overdoing it, since I'm doing bits and pieces, and working different parts of my body on different days. Its too early for any results yet, but I can already feel myself walking taller, feeling better, and using better posture. I still have to work on eating less and eating better, but I think it is wise to wait awhile to focus on that. I don't want to try to do too much at once.

I went to Target and bought some new workout shorts and tops and socks, and I'm pretty much going around in gym clothes all day, but it makes me feel good and reminds me constantly of my new goals, of my posture, to take a few extra steps and stairs here and there, etc. I am determined to make this work! I think the biggest motivator for me came during the dance fusion class. It didn't help that the teacher was the thinnest waifish woman I have ever seen, but looking in that huge mirror I saw a body that I didn't even recognize as my own. I was horrified and upset, but decided right then and there that I am just going to defeat myself if I focus on the negative. So here I go!

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