Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Batcave Crafting

A few years ago my dad build a two story indoor fort in our playroom which we call the "Batcave." It has a ladder, a ramp with climbing "stones," and a carpeted upper level. The kids have loved and used it literally every day of the last few years.  They still play there daily and make forts, houses, schools, ships, stages, etc out of it, but as they have (suddenly???) reached the ages of reading etc, I decided it was time to make at least the lower level into a sort of reading area - which of course requires some cushions!

We have a bazillion uncovered pillows stuffed in closets, so I dragged them out, had each kid choose one, and then drug my flannel and minky fabric stash out to let them sift through.  I worked with each kiddo to pick out their favorite combination of fabric and whipped all three up in a day!  Here are some pictures of the final products and my little showoffs making use of them... and pretending to sleep. :) Note that Maddox could not be persuaded to be a part of these pictures ;0).

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