Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yay For Saturday!

Saturday morning always brings a breath of fresh air for me. Yes, I still have to get up and take care of the kids just like any other day, but I don't feel the pressure to go anywhere and do anything. The kids and I often stay in our PJ's well into the morning and just relax together. Plus I know that in a few short hours Haji will be up and usually takes over kid duty for awhile, especially with Gabriel - they have so much fun.


My FAVORITE part of Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) is an accidental tradition that I hope we continue as long as possible...its our weekend-morning-hang-out-in-bed-as-a-family time. Some time around 9 or 9:30 when either Gabriel or I get anxious for daddy to get up one or the other of us climbs into bed with him...followed by the other (and Maddox of course) and we just hang out together in bed! We laugh, talk, tickle, giggle, pretend to snore, snuggle up and wiggle out. Those are moments that I know I will cherish forever...I wish I had a picture of us all like that (maybe with some touchups :) ). It is in those moments that I know I have everything I need right here and now and the day just can't help but start out in happiness.

Anyway, enough of all that mushy gushy stuff!

This weekend I do hope to get some crafting in... I finished the top of the baby Kimono PJ's and the bottoms shouldn't take long at all! I was a little skeptical about using such a heavy looking black trim to go with the lady bugs for a little girls PJ's, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. I'm sure it won't be a favorite, but its a good start. I also learned how to make and attach a binding which was fun. That said, there are some definite imperfections, but I'm choosing not to worry about that.

While getting a few last supplies at Joann's though I spied some super pretty brown and pink floral fabric with some complementary patterns and just HAD to buy it! Funny how that happens! I'll take pics later - hopefully this afternoon. I had no idea what I'd do with it, so I bought 2 yards each of three prints!! Now I think I've found the perfect pattern to start with!! Its the Buttercup Bag shown here and with some fun color/pattern ideas here. I think this fabric will be perfect for this purse! And I should have enough leftover to make the baby jumper/bloomers by Amy Butler (or another set of Kimono PJs)... yay!! That may be ambitious for the weekend, but I'm going to give it a shot! First things first though, I've got to finish the purse I started last week and the ladybug PJs!

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