Friday, April 10, 2009

Mommy Confession #2

While I don't have much else to say today - and certainly won't have any sewing updates even tonight since the babysitter (yes, I said BABYSITTER!! YAY!!!) ahem, since she babysitter is coming in two hours and I will not be home until fairly late, I won't be doing any sewing tonight... I'll do a quick bit of confessing as I said I would try to regularly do:

I have terrible habits when it comes to feeding my children. I can't stand being stuck in my own house, so I often invent errands to run just to get the kids and I out of the house to the park or whatever. But as a result, we usually eat on the go. I would say I probably get fast food for Gabriel (often as a bribe) more than three times a week. Maybe even four!

AND... I have been known to feed Maddox his bottle while driving - one arm reaching back with the bottle while the other holds the wheel.

And now I will go hide myself in shame for my terrible parenting skills!


  1. Are you kidding?! I even have to drive to Lyons to get it, but I still do sometimes!! We have to get out of the house! :) My husband would have a heart attack if he knew the things I did while driving with the kids. My right shoulder is VERY flexible :D

  2. Love the reaching back to feed Maddox while you drive. :)