Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Anniversary

5 years ago Friday, I married my husband Dan and started on the whirlwind journey that would be our lives to this point, and will probably continue to be a whirlwind journey for the rest of our lives, since, well, that's just how we roll. Looking back at who I was 5 years ago I can hardly believe how far I/we have come. Marriage and parenting has put us on a learning curve I never could have fathomed, and while I've often felt like I'm hanging on for dear life, knuckles white, arms screaming and tired from being whipped around on this roller coaster, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

5 1/2 years ago, or any point prior to Cinco de Mayo 2004, my life revolved around me, and that was pretty much all that mattered to me. I had no purpose and no direction other than living for the moment and pleasing myself. I flew by the seat of my pants, refusing to be pinned down to anything or anyone. Literally the ultimate commitaphobe. I had started a promising career (in an industry that would soon take down our economy) making good money assessing risk in securitizations, I was living in downtown Denver which I loved, and I thought that I was happy. Dancing, partying, yoga, and work were all I needed.

Then I met my husband on Cinco de Mayo 2004 on a blind date, married him 5 months later, moved across the country, had two children, three jobs in two industries, got laid-off from a giant mortgage company, got work in Marketing and then quit to be a Stay-at-home-mom, experienced the deaths of three Grandmas (two of mine and one of Dan's), lived with my mother-in-law for 2 years until her untimely and unexpected death, moved across the country again, got pregnant again, and bought a house. Which brings me to today. It has not been a quiet five years. But through it all, my husband and my best friend has been by my side, and I have been by his. We have been through the highest highs filled with joy we can never describe or top, and we have been through some of the lowest lows filled with money troubles, deep grieving, and pain. And we have come through it, almost cemented together now. Its crazy how love develops and changes through time and trials. One thing is for sure, I am eternally grateful to God for bringing us together. Only He could have orchestrated a pair like us, and He loved us enough to make sure we found each other.

I want to take this opportunity on our anniversary to thank my husband for what he has meant to me, and to tell him what I am most grateful for.

-I am so thankful for the sense of humor he has always carried with him and taught me.
-For teaching me to relax and let go a little bit - perfection is not always worth all the strife it entails.
-For his ability to go with the flow, and for teaching me how to be a little better at it myself (an ongoing lesson). How refreshing when the world takes another sudden turn, big or small, or when I make some huge mistake and expect it to be met with anger. Instead it is constantly met with a dose of humor, and always with an attitude that we will get through this too. Together.
-For his patience.
-For always having the right words when they are needed most, and enough silence when that is what is needed instead of words.
-For teaching me that I am capable and strong, and that he will always be there for me, and always willing to give me a kick in the butt, but for not being willing to simply be a rescuer. He will always support me and give me as much help as I need as long as I too am giving it my all.
-For his trustworthiness which I have never had to question, and have never had to worry about.
-For loving me from the inside out, and standing by me no matter what I look like, and for always making me feel good about myself when I feel giant and ugly. This one requires and example: The other day when I was feeling fat and ugly, Dan said "You're not fat, you're just pregnant." and when I responded that I'm always fat, he didn't miss a beat before saying "Well, to be fair, you're always pregnant!" Again, just the right dose of humor, combined with just the right words leaving me no room to feel sorry for myself.

The list goes on and on. I am blessed to be married to this man, and thrilled to be celebrating our 5th anniversary. I look forward to many more -although I hope they will be a little less eventful! :)

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  1. Congratulations!! What a wonderful example of a strong marriage and proof that it's not just roses & sunshine :) You guys rock and we wish you all the best! Enjoy your anniversary and we hope that your future is filled with nothing but happiness and even more love than you have for each other now. <3