Saturday, March 28, 2009


What I need to learn, is to focus on one project - one hobby - at a time. I throw myself headfirst in to hobby after hobby only to get distracted by something new and fun, or old and fun. Even within the hobby of sewing I have trouble sticking to projects. Usually when I start one I will always finish it, but that doesn't count all of the ideas I get in my head only to get pushed out by something else - usually something more immediately gratifying.

Right now what I'd like to do is to focus on getting my business Flutterby Threads up and running. At the very minimum I need to choose a direction or two at the most for what I want to sell at the store, and limit my projects to those that fit within the goal. I hate to say it, but I'm going to have to limit and/or restrict myself even from sewing gifts for people...and certainly nothing that is just for me.

Today at JoAnn's I managed to get in and out with only the items I need to complete the projects I have already started...Phew! But it was hard! So many fun things wanted to pull me in so many directions.

So here it is. I'm going to write a more specific goal outline right here so that there is something solid for me to come back to each time I want to start a new project:

I MUST finish the three aprons I have started (they only need buttons, so this is not a problem). Then I will make one purse for a gift. After that, I am to focus solely on purses and baby items for the "shop". By May 1 I would like to have completed at the minimum, three purses to sell and at least one baby item (probably the Kimono PJ's).

So here is my project guide which I must commit to follow:
Finish Aprons
Sew 3 Purses
Sew 1 Baby Item

Once these are finished I will set new goals, but if I look farther than that my ideas start expanding exponentially and then I just get myself off track.

So there.

I'll post pictures of the aprons and purse when they are finished. I won't have time to work on them tonight, but hopefully Sunday I will. Dan is taking Gabriel to see Thomas the Train tomorrow, so while I should be continuing my efforts to find a church home out here in TX, I am going to instead, take little Maddox into my sewing room with me and find some sort of balance between playing with him and sewing!

Wish me luck!

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  1. luck! We are very, oh so very, alike. I have SO many projects going at the same time.